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Ħ2C - HBARbarian Coin Club

Ħ2C are Collectible Coins Created specifically for hardcore HBARbarians highlighting community values, projects, members and unique Hedera characteristics in general

Ħ2C NFTs made in collaboration with the Hedera community

Lazy Superheroes x Ħ2C Coins

Lazy Coin

Golden Crawford

Silver Crawford

HeadStarter x Ħ2C Coins

Exclusive HS Coin

Golden HS Coin

Silver HS Coin

Hashpack x Ħ2C Coin

Hashpack Hackathon

Community Proposed Ħ2C Coins

Carbon Negative Hedera

HBAR Documentary




hCat Ukraine Strong

My Keys My HBAR


Diamond Hands

Shared Worlds

Koala Klub Coin



More Ħ2C Coins to Come...

If you are interested Join Discord


Genesis NFT Coins



Ħ2C Club Membership

Lifetime 10% Discount on:
Physical Coins
Coin Holder

Genesis Silver Coin

1000 Minted - 880 Left

Price: 99 ℏ

Token Id: 0.0.613362
Rarity: 1/1000
Type: Collectible Coin, Animation Source: 2K Resolution/ .MP4
Color: Silver

Genesis Golden Coin

200 Minted - 70 Left

Price: 999 ℏ

Token Id: 0.0.613389
Rarity: 1/200
Type: Collectible Coin, Animation Source: 2K Resolution/ .MP4
Color: Golden


Ħ2C Club Membership

Lifetime 20% Discount on:
Physical Coins
Coin Holder
HBAR Price Ticker
Other Future Products

2 Free NFT Drops a year

Hedera Founders Limited Coins


- Ħ2C Club Membership for Silver and Golden Pairs

Moon Tickets

Moon Ticket Logo.png

5x Free Physical Coins Per Pair 

How to Buy Founders Coins

Golden and Silver Founders NFT coins will be first sold to whitelised members on a first come first served basis. Remainder of coins will be listed on Plural NFT platform.

People who own Golden Founders Pair will get Special Creator Privileges

1x NFT Coin Creator

Moon Ticket Logo.png

-Redeem the creator ticket to obtain a right to propose a coin design

-Proposed Coin will be 1/10 Edition

-Collect 100% of Sales

-Proposed coins will be sold for 500ℏ each

Moon Ticket Logo.png

Specific Moon NFT Tickets will be provided along with purchasing specific Ħ2C NFT coins. Tickets can be used to redeem for free perks or for a right to buy certain Limited items. NFT tickets will include the details of use.

Founders Coins

Golden NFT Coin Dr. Leemon Baird

20 Minted - Sold Out

Token Id: 0.0.613417

Golden NFT Coin
Mance Harmon

20 Minted - Sold Out

Token Id: 0.0.613430

Price: 5000ℏ per Golden Pair

Silver NFT Coin Dr. Leemon Baird

20 Minted - Sold Out

Token Id: 0.0.613426

Silver NFT Coin
Mance Harmon

20 Minted - Sold Out

Token Id: 0.0.615100

Price: 2000ℏ per Silver Pair

Rarity for Each Founder Coin: 1/20
Type: Collectible Coin, Animation Source: 2K Resolution/ .MP4
Color: Golden or Silver

Moon Tickets

Examples of NFT
Moon Tickets

Free Physical Coin

Free Physical Coin Moon Ticket.png

Token Id: 0.0.624104

Real Gold Coin Buy Ticket

Real Gold Coin Buy Ticket.png

Token Id: 0.0.624119

NFT Creator Ticket

Creator Moon Ticket.png

Token Id: 0.0.624123

What are Moon Tickets?

Moon Ticket Logo.png

- Moon Tickets are NFTs

- They are for One time Use

- Can Unlock Special Perks/Rights

- When used Ticket Will be Burned

- Tickets Include Description of Use

- Can be transferred to Friends

- No way to copy them since they are NFTs

- Each Ħ2C NFT comes with special Tickets

- Can be Redeemed whenever needed

Future Ħ2C NFT Coins

Ħ2C Roadmap Part I

Part of funds from NFT Coin sales will be used to grow Ħ2C, add more unique collectible coins and bring more benefits to H2C coin holders.

NFT Related

Design a new line of collectible coins symbolic to the HBARbarian community, including coins proposed by Founders NFT coin pair holders.

Collaborate with artists and NFT projects to make NFT coins with their themes and help promote their projects.

Partner with a well known artist to create a design for limited edition real physical 1oz gold .999 coins.

Collaborate with projects and events to provide privileges and discounts to H2C coin holders.

non-NFT Related

Integrate Hedera network explorer, so users can check their account balances, transactions and network stats such as total transactions, accounts, volume, and other activities.

Build a new more professional website with easier to navigate Hedera use cases library, educational content, integrated HBAR wallet.

Add a Coinmarketcap type list of Hedera tokens with real time price, marketcap, volume and exchange availability information

Add support for a browser extension HBAR wallets such as HashPack for in website purchases purchases with $HBAR.

Add more unique merch to the shop: new physical coins, keychains, hats, price ticker, wallpapers etc.

Ħ2C Roadmap Part II

Remaining funds from NFT Coin sales will be used to build a better website and tools for HBARbarians and make easier to learn about the project, applications and the technology.


People who join the Presale will get an early chance to buy Ħ2C NFT Coins.
Remainder of the coins will be listed on Plural NFT when it launches.

If you are interested Join Discord.


Or Contact through Email

Thanks for submitting!

- All NFT Coins are for Collection purposes.
- Since NFTs come with specific discounts and privileges, NFT Moon Tickets will be used to be able to redeem those rights. Some Lifetime discounts are provided for only H2C Genesis Coin holders.
- NFT coin prices are presented in HBAR. At the time of posting the costs, HBAR price was about 30 cents. If HBAR price goes up, prices in HBAR will be adjusted to keep the USD price around the price of the same as at launch.

- Giveaway NFT coins will include Lifetime privileges, but they won't come with Moon Tickets unless specified otherwise. 
Coins Reserved for Giveaways: 

30 Golden and 100 Sliver Genesis Coins 
2 Pairs of Golden and 2 Pairs of Silver Founders NFT Coin Pairs 

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