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Why Distributed Ledger Technology Will Improve Financial Markets

"Standard Bank is using Hedera Hashgraph to develop its system, Rossouw said. Financial markets process millions of trades each day and Hedera can efficiently function at such high volumes.

“You can’t process only two trades a second,” Rossouw said. “You need to have a mechanism where you deal with the volume.”

Another reason for Hedera is its pricing model, which is tied to the US dollar, Rossouw said. If your goal is to democratize markets and offer new opportunities like fractional bond ownership, Ethereum’s fees will stop you before you start. Hedera brings the predictability the markets need.

Hedera also has mechanisms to efficiently address any issues with the transactions, Rossouw said. If an issue arises with a smart contract it’s cumbersome to address. Things do go wrong and if the relationship is defined by the terms of a smart contract, it’s hard to resolve problems.

“For me, from a maintenance perspective the Hedera solutions are just a lot more flexible and usable than using smart contracts and Etheruem,” Rossouw said."

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