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Webinar: Learn About the Future of Social Tokens and Collectibles with Calaxy

In this #Hedera #Hashgraph webinar, @cooper_kunz CTO of @CalaxyApp is going over the fast growing #NFT ecosystem being developed on Hedera and provides latest updates on the status of the Calaxy social token #dapp, he and his team are building. Calaxy founder is no other then NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie, who is very active proponent of crypto and distributed ledger technologies and he has chosen to build his application for creators on Hedera, because it provides highest security, speed and scalability in the crypto industry.

Based on the webinar, over 100 creators have already signed up to launch social tokens on

@calaxy. Creators can launch personal or community tokens and provide up to 9 different perks available in the app to their fans. They can also create their own custom perks, if existing ones do not meet their needs.

Social Tokens will be created using Hedera Token Service. Each fan will own their account private keys and will be in complete control of their tokens. They can even move the tokens to a third party wallet or markets and send them to friends who own accounts or trade them. On-ramps will be available on the app itself and users can purchase the tokens using credit/debit or other popular methods.

Private beta has been live with creators and fans interacting. Public beta coming soon. $HBAR

Check out the full webinar here:

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