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Deploying Drones at Scale with Neuron and Hedera Hashgraph

Future is moving towards automated service machines being involved in our every day lives. Drones are part of the vision of the future. There are many problems facing the drone industry today though and one of them is the absence of technology for drones to be able to detect each other and other aircrafts. And with many of them operating around busy civilian cities, there would be security issues if these drones weren't aware of others in their vicinity. A company called Neuron is trying to address these issues in the latest webinar and propose solutions for Drone detection and communication.

Neuron, is a London-based technology company who incentivize companies to deploy transponder sensor networks to power the next generation of connected vehicles and systems within aviation, IOT and mobility. In the following Hedera Webinar series you can find out in more details about solutions Neuron is offering and how they are utilizing decentralized ledger technology such as Hedera to enhance visibility and transparency of their connected and distributed sensor networks.

Check out the full webinar here:

Find out more about the company here:

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